Customer Charter

We are WST


What your site has in the way of clean water coming onto your premises and where that water is being used. i.e. Toilets, urinals, sinks, equipment/vehicle wash bays etc.

How the waste water is treated on site, interceptors or recycled and which way it flows off your site.

End to end survey, of water and waste water system. Map these routes

Risks, from possible cross connections, pollution, health and safety or environmental.


Pollution and Fines;

Floods/ Leaks / Damage / Depreciation



Environmental Waste


Mapping Your Network (MapInfo etc) this shows what you have on site. Anything can be collected and put onto a map, from Emergency exits, footpath access and egress from your site. Drainage mapping can assist in a spillage, to quickly contain the area and problem.

Site Plans / Emergency Plans: This allows the identification of where your responsibility ends, allowing an emergency plan to be drawn up in case of contamination of your waste water system.

Products (Waterless specialist products, timers, flow controls, knowledge on what is being used) these can reduce your water consumption, without affecting the end user.

Maintenance Contracts: There are several types available; from waterless urinals to drainage systems being flushed through. All at convenient, suitable times, allowing budgets to be in place with no hidden costs.

End to End Service: This is what we pride ourselves on. Dealing with our Client’s problem from inception through to completion. Breaking everything down to bite sized chunks of work, that can be completed and that information can help plan the next stage. This allows for costs to be balanced on large projects.


Understand your Liabilities / Responsibilities.

Budgets can be put in place for maintenance. (No unexpected Costs)

Workstreams can be planned.

Risks are managed (Environmental and Monetary Costs)

Reducing potential Prosecutions or Fines