Effective Water Usage

Reducing your utility charges

Don’t throw your money down the drain!!!

  • Saving water can drastically cut the costs on your annual utility charges.
  • We supply and fit a range of water saving devices that eliminate water wastage.  You will be doing your bit to help the environment, whilst saving your company money.
  • You will be surprised how quickly these products pay for themselves and how your water utility bill will shrink.

Cisterns & Toilets

You can save 3 litres of water every time you flush your toilet by fitting a Water Saver to your cistern.  This is easily installed and can be very economical helping reduce your utility bill considerably. Dual flushing toilets can also be an alternative to reduce water consumption offering a shortened flush option


  • Fitting water saving heads to your shower can save you money .More air is mixed with the water flow which leaves the power untouched.
  • Our highly trained staffs are on hand to help you cut down all costs related to your water consumption.