CCTV Drainage Surveys

On occasions CCTV inspections may be required to solve underlying drainage problems.

Quite often the immediate cause is not identifiable and by placing a CCTV camera into the pipework this will enable our engineer to understand your drainage system. From what connects into the line or where the line discharges to. Enabling us to visually inspect the pipe and allow any remedial work to be identified.

If you are a business owner, it is also beneficial to have regular CCTV surveys carried out to flag up any issues in your drainage system before they became more serious and threaten your livelihood.

CCTV inspections can identify:

  • Fractured / Cracked Pipes
  • Collapsed Drains
  • Tree roots

All the above problems can have a detrimental effect on your drains causing blockages, leakage and possible subsidence. Identifying issues early can allow for monitoring of any defects and allow for a programmed schedule of works to be carried out in a controlled, cost effective, manner.