It’s been a busy week in Scotland, servicing various clients in the area.
We have been insuring that the waterless systems are running optimally, along with some surveys…

We have been investigating subsidence in road and pavements before it becomes a health and safety risk.
Subsidence can be caused by many things, however often, it can be caught and fixed before a major dig is required (which can run into very large figures.)

Our experience of sub terrain assets means we can evaluate whether a Gas / Electric / Cable or Water asset may have failed – and focus on fixing that – to prevent the subsidence continuing.

This can be achieved in a number of ways, and in this instance we CCTV surveyed the gully lines to determine whether the highways department have issues in that area.

It’s important to note, that assessing and resolving issues of this nature are key, before the area is re-surfaced. It eliminates the scenario having to dig up a new road and have an unsightly repair patch.

All combined, it saves spending unnecessary monies, upsetting residents and road users, and insuring the Council gets value for money.